Small Secured Personal Loans

Undoubtedly, when you want to take a small loan, you don’t want to pledge your property such as house or a car as it might be risky. For that reason, small secured personal loans are available these days which can meet your monetary requirements in smaller cash. You can obtain small secured personal loans for any purpose you need whether paying for marriage, medical examination or some other expanses.

These days there are a lot of companies that provide small secured loans which have become very popular among the customers. All you need to do is search for a loan company that provides small secured loans in Internet. Fortunately, these days you can find a plenty of such companies so you can make a good choice. Among small secured personal loans are the following types of loans: payday loans, cash advance loans and some others which are intended for personal purposes.

Small secured personal loans imply putting some kind of assess against the loan, but to secure the loan you don’t have pledge your house or some other costly property. In this case you can just pledge some kind of jewelry or some other thing.
When getting a small secured personal loan remember that they commonly have high interest rates due to their short period. Basically, total amount of loan provided depends on the borrower’s income per month.

Before applying for a loan it’s recommended to conduct a research to find different companies that provide online payday loans and compare their rates and terms to choose the most favourable option. By doing that it’s very likely that you will find a loan provider that offers comparatively low interest rates at quite a favourable condition.

getting money when your bills are past due

need a loan, getting desperate

Hi I need to obtain a loan of about $2,000. to $3,000. fairly quickle. I do have a negative past credit history but am trying to turn it around by establishing credit on my own, I have no colateral or cosighner… I do have two fairly new credit cards with credit limit of $400. and am doing good there, I need to get some past due bills paid and have a daughter graduating high school in June and need cash for some expenses there… I am employed and can and will opay back monthly…

I need a fast loan

Hi I am in need of a quick loan of about $2,000. I do not have very good credit but am trying to get it improved.. I am employed and can repay monthly installments, do you know of where I can turn to???

would like loan info

Looking for real information on grants and loans and not books or cds to buy. If you have had some luck in grants for small amounts( $1000 to $15000) please let me know. Also if you have had luck in bad credit peronal or auto loans,please let me know.

Loan or grant of 1mill Plus

I am looking for loans or Grants of one million plus to invest in upstart trucking company in the US.. This company pays back princpial first and then pays divendend on orginal amount for ever. This amounts to 5% 10% and 25% intrest over time. Little or no risk All money is used for equiment.

Land Loan

Anyone know of a lender that does land loans in Oregon? Looking for a conforming type lender, no hard money. Could you tell me a bit more about the location of the site? Zoning? Raw? EMV? Envirnmental issues? What is intended timing and use of the property? Cost? Cash DP? What is the requested Holding period? What is the net worth of Applicant/Borrower, and of that how much is ready realizable collateral[RRC]? How far away is the proven path of development?

Looking for a Farm Lender

I am looking for a Farm Lender. I have a Farmer w/current farm loan by Bank One for 450k, 10yr term, 12k/mo pmnt. recent foreclosure filed, but sold house before losing it. Needs $2mil loan to purchase 2 farms. Has some downpmnt $$, not sure how much yet. You can email me directly or call me. Farms are in Ohio. Lenders name and number would be appreciated.

looking for a loan assistance

Bridge Loan

Looking for a Bridge loan for about a year or so, client has good credit, lost house in Houston flood and has settlement of 110K, needs another 55K for Bridge. Credit is supposed to be good though I haven’t checked it as of yet. Thought I would inquire early being as how I have no experience with Bridge Loans and how they work.

Need a lender who will go to 100% on construction loan

Hello everyone! I have a borrower with 640 credit scores who needs 100% LTV on new construction loan (or as close as possible) in Indiana. Are there such lenders out there? Or anyone who’ll go 80/15 piggyback? or even someone who might apply sweat equity to the downpayment. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance for your help.

Need advice in TX

I have two vehicle loans, each over 550.00 per mo.Had bankruptsy one year ago. I now am in high cost area, with bills piling up. Not a home owner. Thought about voluntarily giving up one vehicle. What would happen? If they auction car, can they bill me for rest if they only get a little for car? Will they bill me all at once? Can they garnish my wages. I am stressing. Have wife, two kids, and expenses. What now?

Some direction and possible solutions

I have good friends that are working with a realtor at the moment. Because of some past credit dings their realtor who is a mortgage broker wants them to go into an FHA program I believe their FICO is around 590-600. However the loan amount is limited to the county limit of 160,000. The need to mortgage about 180,000 to 185,000. The value of the home is arount 200,000.any ideas on how to get this done in a covenntional product or will the they have to go to a sub prime product. Their monthly housing expense is going to double I have high back ration but good employment and some assets. Any suggestions would be appreciated.